Last month, after the Alberta Government released their 2021–2022 provincial budget, the Business Council of Alberta sent out the following tweet, labelling the budget as balanced:

Provincial budget builds bridge over troubled waters: Budget strikes the right balance for the moment with focus on vaccination, economic recovery, and beginning the path to fiscal sustainability. Read our statement and analysis here: #abbudget #Ableg

- Business Council of Alberta (@BizCouncilAB) February 26, 2021

Given the fact that it’s not actually balanced and is hurting people who live in Alberta by reducing services and increasing fees, it’s curious that this organization would…

Last month, Travis Toews, president of the Alberta Treasury Board and the minister of finance, recommended to the lieutenant governor that he be authorized to do the following:

  • Raise up to $21 billion through notes, bonds, debentures, or interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing treasury bills issued by the Crown, or any other securities under which the Crown is the debtor
  • Approves the terms and conditions of any of that money

The lieutenant government approved the recommendation.

Last year, I broke a story about a similar approval for $1.25 billion. That borrowing was specifically for an oil refinery. …

Last week, the Alberta government announced that they had appointed a special advisor to assist them in their review of the Police Act.

Temitope Oriola is an associate professor in the University of Alberta’s sociology department. He researches and teaches in areas of criminology, including policing and use of force by police, transnational crimes, terrorism, resource conflict, political violence, and social movements.

Oriola is also joint editor-in-chief of African Security and president of the Canadian Association of African Studies.

He also also written op-eds on the topic of police reform, including the following:

As part of his consultation, Oriola will…

Earlier this week, Alberta’s minister of Children’s Services announced the Working Parents Benefit to help offset childcare costs for working parents.

Rebecca Schulz said that the one-time payment of $561 per child will be available for parents who had to pay at least $561 in childcare costs for at least 3 months between 1 April and 31 December 2020 for any child under the age of 13. It’ll be available to parents who worked or attended school during that period.

Parents can apply for childcare that was given by either licensed or unlicensed providers, whether daycares, day homes, out-of-school care…

Earlier this month, the provincial government announced $11.6 million in infrastructure spending for 6 projects in Calgary, Edmonton, and Wetaskiwin.

The projects include retrofits, repairs, and upgrades to 6 provincial buildings in these communities.

About 80% of the funding will come from the federal government, $9.2 million to be more precise. The remaining 20%-about $2.32 million-will come from the provincial government.

In the Edmonton area, the federal government will spend $1.36 million on replacing cooling centres and controls at Government Centre and renewing security systems at the Edmonton Remand Centre. …

Last week, Travis Toews, Alberta’s finance minister released a statement regarding negotiations between the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and the Alberta government.

AUPE had filed a complaint with the Alberta Labour Relations Board, arguing that the provincial government has not been bargaining in good faith regarding new collective agreements.

In particular, AUPE claimed the bad faith bargaining is evidenced by the provincial government changing their initial offer of 1% wage reductions to 4% wage reductions.

Toews’ statement was in response to that complaint. He justified the proposal change by blaming the pandemic:

In these tough economic times, Albertans expect…

Earlier this month, Alberta’s lieutenant governor appointed 3 new people as public members to the council of the College of Alberta Dental Assistants.

These appointments came at the recommendation of Tyler Shandro, the health minister.

Ayodele Adediran lives in Calgary and is a geo-information consultant with Shell. During the 2019 provincial election, he donated $1,000 to Kaycee Madu’s campaign.

Barbara Joy is also based in Calgary and is an advisor for the Canadian operations of an unnamed private exploration and production company. Prior to joining this company, she was vice-president of land for Strategic Oil & Gas.

Ramandeep Singh lives…

During the proceedings of a recent criminal case here in Lethbridge, it became apparent that facilities at Lethbridge Correctional Centre are inadequate for transgender inmates.

Last Wednesday, Judge Jerry LeGrandeur released his sentencing judgement regarding a local trans woman, known only as “HF’ in the document, who had been convicted of two counts of drug trafficking.

HF pled guilty to both counts, which local cops had charged her with after she had twice sold them 3.5 grams of cocaine in May 2018.

Even though the guideline for trafficking is 3 years in prison, the Crown prosecutor, Mark Klassen, recommended that…

This past Wednesday, TC Energy released their quarterly report for their final quarter of 2020. That report saw that they posted a profit of $1.232 billion.

TC Energy, formerly known as TransCanada, is the owner of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was being built between Hardisty, Alberta, and Steele City, Nebraska. Once completed, it would’ve shipped around 500,000 barrels of oil a day for 20 years.

In March 2020, the Alberta government announced that it was buying $1.5 billion in equity shares from TC Energy.

The $1.232 billion in net income they posted in their 4th quarter is higher than…

Earlier this week, 338Canada-an poll analysis and electoral projection website-updated their federal seat projections for Alberta.

Unsurprisingly, most of the 34 seats are coming up pretty blue: forecasting 33 seats going to the Conservative Party of Canada and 1 going to the NDP.

Current projections mirror the existing makeup in the House of Commons. The one NDP seat is Edmonton-Strathcona, which is held by NDP MP Linda Duncan. All other seats are held by CPC MPs.

338Canada has most of the 33 CPC seats (22) listed as “safe”, so it’s unlikely voters there will will pick an MP from a…

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