Liberals to send $2.7 million to Alberta for government food processing facility

Last week, the federal government announced that they’d be sending nearly $2.7 million to Alberta for the Food Processing Development Centre.

The fully-equipped pilot plant and product development facility in Leduc is run by the provincial government and employs food scientists, engineers, and technologists.

The investment-augmented by $919 thousand from the Alberta government and a $700 thousand industry contribution-will help the centre purchase, install, and operate fractionation equipment.

This new equipment allows the centre to support companies in developing new plant-based foods and products. Agri-food producers will be able to turn their pulse crops-such as peas, lentils, and chickpeas-into higher value ingredients and finished products in preparation for export.

The federal funding-which technically is $2,682,249-will come through Western Economic Diversification Canada.

Originally published at on 17 August 2020.



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Kim Siever

Kim Siever


Writer. Parent. Spouse. Radical left. Finished writing a book on capitalism. My next book is on the history of the labour movement in Lethbridge, AB. He/him.